If you have a driveway that’s cracked, tired, or bursting with weeds, there is a cheap and simple driveway alternative – tarmac. Tarmac driveways may not be the most attractive of driveway surfaces, but they are so easy to prepare, as well as being economical, hardy, and long-lasting. Tarmac makes a great surface for commercial property driveways, car parks, roads, and other well-used ground surfaces. So what are the benefits of having a tarmac driveway laid at your property?


Tarmac can be poured onto almost any surface without in-depth bedding and resurfacing work being carried out beforehand. Tarmac is poured hot onto your chosen surface, flattened and smoothed, and left to cool and harden. Professional pavers can complete tarmac driveways in Edinburgh in a matter of hours. Unlike concrete, blocking, and pavement, there is no intricate paving processes involved, which means it won’t disrupt your life or your neighbours with extensive building work.


Tarmac driveways are extremely resilient to the heavy load of cars and other vehicles. So if your family has a few cars at home, tarmac is a strong material that won’t crack or become damaged easily. If you have quite a bit of traffic coming up your driveway on a daily basis then tarmac is definitely the material you need. Weather Resistant


Tarmac is a smooth surface with no cracks or joints that can become filled with rain. Cracks and joints in paved driveways can become overgrown with weeds or mould, which in turn damages the surface and can make it look unsightly. With tarmac however rain, snow, frost, and heat have virtually no impact on the integrity of the tarmac driveway.


If your tarmac driveway does become dented or worn over time, it’s very easy to maintain the surface and repair any issues. All you need to do is hire a professional driveway specialist who can quickly and easily add another layer of tarmac to your driveway.


Perhaps the best benefit of tarmac driveways is the price tag. Tarmac is extremely affordable to buy, install, and maintain. For a smooth and economical driveway option for your business property or home, tarmac is a top solution for you.


Lothian Paving is an expert in tarmac driveways Edinburgh wide. We have a large team of skilled pavers and driveway specialists who are available daily to provide tarmac driveways to business, residential, and commercial clients in Edinburgh. For more information on tarmac driveway options, don’t hesitate to contact us today.