Thanks to our suppliers, our customers are given access to a wide range of paving slabs and pavers when paving their driveway. Here is a quick guide to just some of the hard landscaping materials on offer.


Lothian Paving’s suppliers only supply the highest quality materials. This means that not only do you end up with an excellent looking patio or driveway, but they are supremely durable.


Thanks to the quality of paving slabs we use, your driveway will last for years with far less maintenance than with lower quality materials. In fact, our materials are of such quality that we are happy to offer a 10 year warranty on all new driveways.


All pavers and paving slabs come in different thicknesses depending on their usage. For example, driveway pavers come in standard thicknesses of 50mm (for standard domestic use), 60mm (for heavy domestic use) and 80mm (for commercial).


Selecting the right thickness is important for ensuring maximum life span for your driveway or patio. A thinner paving slab will require less initial excavation to lay, but may need more maintenance if used for more than it is designed for.


All our suppliers offer permeable materials for use on front garden driveways or patios. When laying a permeable surface, you do not have to get the same planning permission as for a non-permeable surface. This is because non-permeable surfaces cause water to drain off your front garden and into the road, increasing the risk of flooding.


Non-permeable surfaces allow the water to continue to seep into the ground below the pavers, which is also better for the environment.


For our eco-conscious customers, we can use predominantly recycled materials (up to 77% with some varieties). Depending on which material you would like, it is also possible to calculate the carbon footprint of your new patio or driveway.


Our suppliers are very eco-conscious, with Stonemarket, Hanson and Marshall all particularly concerned with sustainability and ethics. Between them they work with the Carbon Trust, the UK Green Building Council and the Ethical Trading Initiative (amongst others).


Thanks to our suppliers we can offer an enormous range of paving materials, which we can help you navigate to find the best look, practicality, and environmental impact for your driveway or patio.