There are several driveway paving options available from the paving experts at Lothian Paving in Edinburgh. Resin bonded solutions are a little more expensive and complex than more economical paving options like tarmac or poured concrete, however resin bonded driveways are far more visually appealing than other paving alternatives. Let’s take a look at some reasons why many residential and commercial clients choose resin based surfaces:


Resin bound driveways are made via resin based surfacing which is essentially coloured or decorative gravel being poured, scattered, or ‘glued’ over an existing solid surface with a transparent or coloured resin. The gravel and resin are both bound to the solid ground surface and are left to harden. Resin bound driveways can be made into decorative, colourful, and hard-wearing driveway surfaces.



You will see resin bonded surfaces everywhere in the modern world, from bike lanes to parking spaces and bus lanes to sports pitches. They are so useful because they can be decorated almost any colour, which is helpful if you need to specify a particular ground area, mark sections on roads, or decorate paths and driveways. Resin bonded surfaces are resilient and resistant to oil spillages, which makes them perfect for car parks and driveways. If you park several cars or work vehicles on the resin bonded driveway you won’t see unsightly petrol marks on the surface after you’ve driven away!


Resin bonded surfaces also do not fade in sunlight and will not be affected by extreme heat or extreme cold. They are strong, durable, and very long-lasting driveway materials too, which can give your property a colourful and attractive edge.


Resin bonded driveways are not as simple to lay and install as tarmac and concrete – you don’t just mix, pour, smooth and dry. You must ensure you seek the advice and services of a paving professional who has experience in preparing and setting resin bonded surfaces. If the ground surface isn’t prepared and levelled properly, the resin won’t bond to the surface and as a result the final look will be bumpy, cracked, and not of the highest quality.


At Lothian Paving, our expert paving specialists have the skills and experience to lay professional resin bonded driveways in the Edinburgh area and beyond. Contact us today to find out more information about this attractive and long-lasting paving option.